Every day we play, 
smile, learn & grow!

Every day
we play, 
smile, learn
& grow!

Childcare Centres in Bundaberg & Bargara

Creative Kids @ Bundaberg and Creative Kids @ Bargara

Creative Kids Childcare in Bundaberg & Bargara are homely environments where children can play and learn and make friends, in the care of qualified, caring professionals. We are family owned and operated and want to provide the best learning and care for your children. We know that the early years are so important in a child's development and what a critical role our centres will play in developing the skills to enable a smooth transition to school. It's not just about learning to write your name - it's so much more than that. The kids who learn from an early age to respect others, to share, to listen and to communicate are best prepared for the next step to Kindergarten and beyond. We all take this role very seriously and want to make sure we do our part the best that we possibly can. We take the same approach with our staff and want to develop and continually train our team so we are the best centres in the area. Give us a call and come and talk to us if you would like more information or a look around one of our centres.

Creative Kids @ Bundaberg

146 Elliott Heads Rd, Avenell Heights

Creative Kids @ Bargara

115 Hughes Rd, Bargara


The way to a happy child while you're away

Creative Kids Childcare is a homely environment where children can play, learn and make new friends, in the care of qualified, caring professionals.


Kids need no invitation to play. There's fun at every turn here, so let them loose! We have large outdoor play areas and plenty of resources to give your child plenty of opportunity to explore and develop those motor skills.



With loads of fun, games and activities, there's constantly something to smile about. You'll get to see plenty of photo's during the day of how your child is doing through the Storypark app.



Qualified educators ensure your child is receiving appropriate education for their age. They start learning as soon as they arrive. We spend a lot of time behind the scenes to develop programs that start from the basics right up to preparing them for school.



Healthy activity, rest and nutrition contribute daily to your child's health. Our centres have in house Chef's to cater for every child's needs. Breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks with the freshest of ingredients locally sourced.

Our carers truly care

We understand you want only the best care for your child. Selecting the right carers and educators is not a task we take lightly at Creative Kids Childcare. The right personality, qualifications and of course that caring nature that your child deserves can always be found at Creative Kids Childcare in Bundaberg & Bargara.


A class of their own

There's a class to suit every child's age & stage of progress
Childcare age 1 - Nursery
Age: 6 Weeks - 2 years


Your little ones get the perfect balance of care, rest and social stimulation.

This beautiful room can have up to 12 children per day and is designed for learning discovery and exploration. There is a separate cot room for sleep at any time. We look after your babies like we would our own.

Childcare age 2 - Toddlers
Age: 15 Months - 2 Years


Let’s explore everything! The toddler environment is full of stimulation (and safety).

This room caters for further learning and development as your little one becomes more adventurous. There are plenty of  age-appropriate activities and resources to inspire your toddler.

Childcare age 3 - Junior Kindy
Age: 2 - 3 years

Junior Kindy

Discover, play, learn and make friends. Junior kindy is a great balance of everything.

With lots to explore and create, your child’s mind will be stimulated. The Junior Kindy room caters for up to 22 children and is a place to make friends, have fun and learn some basics.

Childcare age 4 - Pre Kindy
Age: 3 - 4 years

Pre Kindy

Days are filled with fun, wonder and just the right amount of learning to prepare for kindy.

This room can have 24 children per day and is similar to the Kindergarten room, preparing for more learning and daily routine. The Pre-kindy room is a large space where implemented learning is bright and fun.

Childcare age 5 - Kindergarten
Age: 4 - 5 years


Preparing for school requires appropriate education in a structured and caring environment.

Catering for up to 33 children and overseen by qualified Kindergarten teachers, it is a fun and bright environment where children have a choice in what they would like to learn about.

See what your child is doing through the day

With secure App access to same day photos of your child

Childcare Subsidy

Are you unsure if you are eligible for a government subsidy (or how much)?

The childcare activity and childcare subsidy tests are undertaken to measure a household’s circumstances. The outcome of these tests are used to determine to what extent a family’s childcare costs will be subsidised. The following link is an external (Government) calculator provided only as a reference.


Your child feeling safe, comfortable & happy is always our first priority. There are quiet spaces for a nap and plenty of spaces to explore. Our staff are well trained in observing if a child is nervous or upset.


We prepare your child step by step for the big wide world of school. Our kinder program is delivered by qualified kinder teachers to give your child the best possible start to 'big school'.


Healthy kids need plenty of healthy fuel. All meals are prepared fresh in house every day by our Chef's. We have a selection of hot lunches, fruit breaks and breakfast for those who arrive early too.

Book a tour or do a trial day

The best proof of how great our centres really are is to see them first hand. Come in for a tour, where you can meet the staff, view the rooms, see the happy faces and have all your questions answered. We understand how important it is to find the right environment for your precious little ones. You’re welcome to bring your child in for a trial day to see how they settle in. We promise to take the greatest care of your kids when ever they’re in our care. Come in and see for yourself.


We look forward to seeing you! 🙂